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Design tools empower nonprofits to visually communicate their mission with compelling graphics and multimedia content, enhancing their brand presence and message impact. By utilizing these tools, nonprofits can create professional-grade visuals, fostering engagement and effectively conveying their narrative to a broader audience.





Canva offers nonprofits 10 free users premium design tools. You can design your logo and other branding materials on the platform and collaborate with your team on designs. They even have a great QR code generator, which is excellent for printing out for events & fundraisers. You can design logos, business cards, flyers, and more.


Adobe offers numerous free and discounted offerings, and the best way to get them is through TechSoup. Nonprofits can leverage a comprehensive suite of creative design applications and services. Create stunning visuals, design captivating websites, and develop engaging marketing materials to support your cause.

  • Adobe Express Premium Plan - FREE for one user - 1-Year Individual Membership - Online and mobile app for creating social graphics, videos, and more

  • Adobe Creative Cloud - Access to a collection of creative design applications and services with license management, security, and support

  • Photoshop & Premiere Elements - $30/year - Consumer-level tools for editing digital images and videos

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro - Application for creating, controlling, and exchanging secure, high-quality PDF documents

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