Buying A New Domain Name With Cloudflare

This guide will help you to purchase your own domain through Cloudflare.

Create Your Cloudflare Account

  • Go to the following Cloudflare Sign-Up page:

  • Type in your email address and desired password for your new account.

  • Check your email and click the link in the email to verify your email address.

Buy Your New Domain

  • Launch the Cloudflare dashboard by navigating to:

  • Don't enter your desired domain name right away. Instead, navigate on the left sidebar to: Domain Registration > Register Domains

  • In the search box, search for a domain name you might like. The one you want may not be available, so brainstorm alternatives. There are many top-level domains (TLD), like .com, .ngo, and .tech, but we recommend the .org TLD for nonprofits.

  • Continue through the prompts to purchase your domain, adding your billing information and address.

  • Be sure to select the FREE Cloudflare DNS plan when prompted.

Next Steps

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