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Volunteer Management tools are essential for nonprofits, streamlining the process of recruiting, organizing, and engaging volunteers. These platforms help efficiently match volunteers with opportunities, track participation, and foster a sense of community, enabling nonprofits to optimize their volunteer programs for more significant impact and effectiveness.


Point App is a free web and mobile app that makes volunteer management and communication a breeze. Picture Point as Eventbrite meets Salesforce, but specifically for volunteer management. There are many features available for free: the ability to manage volunteers, the ability to recruit volunteers, and the ability to report on volunteer impact. Set up a Core account and get start the process to get verfied here.


Although Zeffy is primarily a fundraising platform, it also has volunteer registration and sign up features. Learn how to setup up an event and create a volunteer sign up page, here: Create a volunteering opportunity and receive volunteer registrations


VolunteerMatch provides a national digital infrastructure connecting volunteers and nonprofit organizations. It offers free basic accounts for nonprofits and recruiting tools for VolunteerMatch Members. By facilitating connections between passionate volunteers and nonprofits, VolunteerMatch helps organizations find highly qualified individuals who can contribute their time, money, and support.

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