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Website and DNS services, including hosting and components, are vital for nonprofits, offering a digital presence and reliable infrastructure. These tools facilitate easy website management, ensure seamless hosting, and provide essential features for online visibility.


Domain Registrar & DNS Hosting

Website Hosting Providers

WordPress Components & Services

Tracking & Ad Services

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Domain Registrar & DNS Hosting


Cloudflare is a free DNS host and offers the lowest prices on the internet for domain registration services. You can purchase a new domain name here, and they have some of the fastest and most reliable services.

pageBuying A New Domain Name With Cloudflare

Website Hosting Providers

All these services provide free website hosting for nonprofits, and some vendors can host much more than just a website.

WordPress Components & Services


WordPress is a prevalent website content management system that allows for the creation of beautiful and secure websites.

  • Google Site Kit allows you to implement modern Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration within minutes.

  • The SEO Framework plugin provides an easy way to enhance and manage SEO for your WordPress site.

  • Cloudflare has a WordPress plugin that makes its integration seamless and fast.

  • Equal Web provides enhanced accessibility options on WordPress sites like a screen reader, magnification, and more.

  • GiveWP allows website visitors to make donations through payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.

  • Updraft Plus is used for backing up your website. It can be set on a schedule, so you don't have to worry about losing data.

  • Fluent SMTP allows for the sending of emails using a plethora of external services, like Microsoft, Google, Brevo, and many more.


Avada is a theme for WordPress that is a $70 one-time charge. This takes the features of WordPress and makes them easier to use and more customizable. It includes a drag-and-drop editor and many canned themes to optionally import as a starting point.

Tracking & Ad Services


Hotjar offers a free premium account to nonprofits, providing website insights with heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys. It tracks user interactions, visualizes clicks, taps, and scrolling behavior, helping you understand how visitors engage with your site. This data-driven tool empowers informed UX and conversion rate optimization decisions.

Google Ads

Google Ads, available for nonprofits at no cost through the Google Ad Grants program, is an online advertising platform. It enables nonprofits to create and display ads on Google, raising awareness and driving traffic to their causes, all while effectively managing budgets and targeting their desired audience.

Hosting Software


cPanel offers a free option specifically for nonprofits and serves as a user-friendly control panel, empowering organizations to efficiently manage and control aspects of their web hosting environment. However, it requires a high level of technical proficiency due to its robust features for web hosting management. We don't recommend this for nonprofits with just one website.

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