Set up POINT for Volunteer Management

This article will describe how to sign up for POINT and configure your nonprofit organization to make volunteer opportunities publicly available.

  1. Sign Up

  2. Create Your Organization

    • After signing up, you'll be prompted to create your organization. If you are not prompted, you should select Switch to Admin View from the left menu, and click Create an Organization.

    • Enter your organization's name and other info. You should add as much detail as you can, including your logo.

      • After submitting your nonprofit's information, there may be some additional verification step that are required by POINT.

  3. Add Additional Admins (Optional)

    • Once your organization has been completed, go to the organization's dashboard, and scroll to the Set Up Your Organization section to Invite additional admins via email.

  4. Create Volunteer Opportunities (Events)

    • Click on Quick Add < Event in the menu.

    • Fill in the details like title, date, time, location, and description of the volunteer activity.

    • Under "Shifts", set up specific timeslots volunteers can sign up for. You can add multiple time slots if needed.

  5. Publish Your Opportunities

    • POINT offers multiple ways to share your volunteer opportunities with the world, but both can be configured from the admin dashboard, here: You can either embed the volunteer widget in your existing website or use the built-in point app website, like this one.

POINT offers a free demo to explore all the features before creating your first event.

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