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These tools enable seamless online transactions and finance management, providing a convenient and trustworthy way for supporters to contribute to a nonprofit's mission and manage their money easily.

Every organization's financial reporting and tracking needs differ, so we recommend you do a trial period with the solutions you like most to ensure the solution meets your needs.


Zeffy is a donation platform for nonprofits that allows donors to submit donations to your org without transaction fees. This is the only platform that offers 0% transaction fees and this is why Zeffy comes with the higest recommendation. This can attract more donations, as the contributor knows that 100% of the amount paid goes to the nonprofit. Like other providers, they provide a way to embed a donation form into your website. On top of that, they also have modules for event ticketing, product shop, volunteer management, and donor management. This fantastic platform enables nonprofits to make easy, large electronic donations without transaction fees.


Every.org is a free fundraising platform for nonprofits. It's a popular platform for donors to find charitable causes. Donations fees are incurred for methods like PayPal, Venmo, Credit Card, etc., but not for bank transfers (transaction fees listed here). With its user-friendly interface and commitment to transparency, Every.org empowers nonprofits to create and manage campaigns efficiently, fostering a supportive community for charitable causes.

Give Lively

Give Lively is a free fundraising platform, that rely on payment gateways like Stripe and Paypal incur the regular transaction fees and rates. Give Lively offers fundrasing tools like email marketing, donor tracking, recurring donations, and more.


Stripe is an industry-standard payment processor used all over the world. Stripe offers a discount on transaction fees when you go through the nonprofit application process. They provide a user-friendly interface for donation forms that can be easily embedded on your website with a WordPress plugin called GiveWP.


Square offers nonprofits an efficient way to manage donations and payments through their platform, simplifying financial transactions. With user-friendly tools and transparent pricing, Square provides nonprofits with a streamlined solution for securely handling transactions, especially for organizations who need to take credit cards in person (check out Square Terminal).

Paypal & Venmo

To create a Venmo charity profile, nonprofits must first get approved through PayPal, because PayPal owns Venmo. This process allows access to discounted transaction rates and enhances donor accessibility, providing a seamless and cost-effective way for nonprofits to receive contributions through both platforms.


QuickBooks (Intuit)

Intuit QuickBooks is an excellent choice for nonprofits, offering comprehensive financial management features tailored to organizational needs. It simplifies income and expense tracking, budget management, and financial reporting, ensuring compliance and transparency. QuickBooks seamlessly integrates with other nonprofit software, streamlining workflow. Plus, nonprofits can purchase it at a discount through TechSoup.org, making it even more accessible.


MoneyMinder is a good option for nonprofits due to its user-friendly interface and extensive reporting capabilities. It boasts excellent customer support, catering even to non-technical users. The free plan includes basic features such as budgeting, member tracking, and an online store, making it valuable for budget management and member organization.

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