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These apps empower nonprofits with efficient digital tools. They facilitate seamless communication, enabling remote teamwork through email clients and collaboration platforms. Cloud storage services ensure secure file sharing, while word processing and spreadsheet applications enhance productivity. These solutions amplify nonprofit effectiveness, fostering streamlined operations, impactful outreach, and polished documentation through integrated spell-checking.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are the leading productivity platforms nonprofits use worldwide. Both can be great for your nonprofit, but understanding your organization's needs and the pros & cons of each solution can help you make an informed decision on which to use.


Microsoft 365

Google Workspace

Scheduling & Booking Services


Microsoft 365

Microsoft offers a plethora of free services for 501(c)(3) nonprofits:

  • Email, document, and collaboration services for 310 users

  • Endpoint management, premium antivirus, and loads of security features for 10 users

  • Downloadable Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., for 10 users

The following Microsoft licenses can be applied for FREE for verified 501(c)(3)s. We recommend applying all the available free licenses, even if you think you won't use them.

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) Donation - 10 free

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) - 300 free

  • Microsoft Fabric (Free) (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) - Unlimited for free

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Insights User License (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) - Unlimited for free

  • Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit Basic (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) - 1 free

  • Power Apps per app plan (1 app or website) (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) 10 seat donation - 10 free

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) - 25 for free

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic without Audio Conferencing (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) - 25 for free

  • Microsoft Teams Audio Conferencing with dial-out to USA/CAN - Unlimited for free

  • Microsoft Teams Phone Resource Account (Nonprofit Staff Pricing) - 10 for free

Additional services can be purchased to supplement what's free. To get started with your free Microsoft services, apply directly to Microsoft here. We do NOT recommend buying the licenses through TechSoup because, as of December 2022, they add a $1/user/month charge to all licenses (yes, even the free ones). For more information on Microsoft Teams and telephony services, see below.

pageHow to Apply for FREE Nonprofit Microsoft 365 Services

Google Workspace

Google offers special licensing for nonprofits that provides email services and web-based productivity apps. To apply for these services, apply here using these instructions. One downside to this service is that users are only allowed 30GB of data (personal drive and email), and you cannot upgrade individual users' storage. You may upgrade all users to a discounted plan, and the details of all Google Workspace for Nonprofit plans are available here.

pageHow to Apply for FREE Nonprofit Google Workspace Services

Scheduling & Booking Services

Nonprofits can optimize appointment and scheduling tasks using the free tools below, which offer a user-friendly interface for creating scheduling pages. This solution integrates with your existing calendar to avoid conflicts. You can make a customized, public page where anyone can book time with you.

ServicePriceSync with your CalendarPublic Booking Page

Included with Nonprofit Licensing

Included with Nonprofit Licensing

1 Free User

1 Free User

1 Free User

Calendly offers a 25% discount on paid plans for nonprofits and educational institutions.

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